First yR workshop for 2014 a success

The first yarraReporter workshop for 2014 was held last Friday 27th March at the Fitzroy Library.

Participants were treated to a captivating introduction to the media landscape and the importance of everyday voices in the media by a young student and wordsmith named Harry.

Paul Stewart, an ex-journalist from the Herald Sun, told engaging stories about his previous life as a journo and shared his ideas around engaging storytelling.

He demonstrated interviewing skills with Father John JS, who has spent many years providing spiritual support to men serving time in prisons. The participants had a go themselves by interviewing Jesse Hooper, previous member of Killing Heidi and now supports youth at risk through music.

Participants had the chance to brainstorm and plan potential angles and written stories from the interviews.

Overall, it was a wonderful event with many enthusiastic and budding writers signing up to be the next wave of yarraReporters. Watch this space for future content from those who attended!


Stay tuned for details of upcoming Events and Workshops.

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