Victoria Street in Richmond should be cleaned

Melbourne is famous about Victoria Street, because it has many restaurants with different nationalities such as Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Lao, Italian, Greek and Indian. The street is very dirty in the evening as it has been littered by people. It has caused the street losing its beauty and culture.

Along on the Victoria Street, we can read many slogans of language representing for our country‘s policies, It is a multi-culture country, people speaking their own language makes up a beautiful rhythm with smells from grilled beef in mint leaves, Noodle Soup of Beef, Country pancake, Mongolian beef, Curry goat, sweet and sour soup with Murray perch, fish with pepper and fish sauce, chicken drilled with garlic cinnamon powder, Pizza margherita, Lamb souvlaki coming from Restaurants.

The characteristics on Victoria St are people seem to have a habit to littering on the street after have a smoke or when they no longer need their plastic bags instead of put the waste in the bin. They are free to litter cigarette butts, used bags, good wrapped papers on the pavement without noticing to people around. Sometimes, these people may treat you as a ‘monster’ if you remind them. It causes the respected people to be embarrassed.

If we look carefully on the walls or doors in the front of shops, we can also read the sentences or graffiti. Incidentally, if tourists stop by this street, they will have a bad feeling about our people because of dirty meaning words or sentences graffitied on the front of shops. It makes beautiful aspects and culture that this street has built up for ages to be smoked in the air. It seems to not to be noticed by shoppers or city of yarra.

So, what should we do to clean this?

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